Friday 16th March

At LWOOSA we are always lead by the children and today was one of the good ones.  A great day to get back to basics with the things they love to do. We had great fun getting the paint out and experimenting with different types of printing as well as just having a go at getting messy.  Even our Playworkers can’t help but join in when hand prints are involved.

IMG_6950 IMG_6951 IMG_6949

We also love the ‘good old games’ we used to play as children.  Our children can’t get enough of table football.  They do really well and take turns to see who is the champion, although we often have a few strange players – would you have Ant & Dec in defense?

IMG_6948 IMG_6947

1 thought on “Friday 16th March”

  1. My children love coming to SOOSA and often have to drag them away to come home.
    The carers always have time to chat if I have any concerns and they have loads of space to run around!!
    Keep up the great work

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