After School Club

After a busy day at school children are welcomed into our clubs.  They are provided with a range of activities to either relax or entertain them:

  • Lego
  • Drawing
  • Board Games – Pictureka, Connect 4, Cluedo
  • Cars
  • Dressing up box
  • Role Play kitchen
  • Outdoor playground (SOOSA)
  • Football
  • Hoola Hoops (SOOSA)
  • and much much more.

We also provide opportunities for children to complete their homework from school, quiet reading time and space for chill out if needed.

Children also help themselves during snack time.  Staff and children sit together and have sandwiches, crackers and a selection of fruit and water is always available.  We cater for all dietary requirements.  Please inform the Playleaders if you have any allergies.

“I love going to after school club.  The best bit is getting to do lots of drawing and playing football with my friends.  Sharon D is really great fun because she always joins in and plays our games.” Jacob – 8 yrs old – SOOSA

“The best bit about club is playing outside.  I love playing football and rugby.” Isaac – 6 yrs old – SOOSA